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In the world of constant chaos and motion that we live in today, blissful sleep is a rarity and a luxury. Who doesn’t want to end the day with hours of sound sleep? And if sleep is the question, then the answer lies in selecting the best mattress that fits your body. Mattresses are classified based on the basis of dimensions and material.The dimensional specifications also have a region wise variation.


Four Different Kinds Of King Size Mattresses Based On Dimensions:

  • California King Size Mattress

A California king size mattress, also known as the western king, has a dimension of 72 in by 84 in. It is 4 inches longer and 4 inches narrower than a regular king size mattress. Owing to its increased length, it is a better alternative for people who do not fit properly in a standard king size bed. Also, it needs specially fitted sheets to fit well on all sides.

  • Standard King Size Mattress

A standard king size mattress also known as the eastern king, has dimensions of 76 inc * 80 inc . It is shorter, but equally wider than a California king mattress. Meant for people with maximum heights of about 6’5′ , it gives 38 inches of back room to each of the two partners. A standard king size mattress has a dimension of 60 inc * 78 inc in UK, 71 inc * 79 inc in EU and 72 inc* 78 inc in Asia.

  • California King Waterbed Insert Mattress

A California king waterbed insert mattress, has a dimension of 72 inc * 82 inc. It is 2 inches longer but 4 inches narrower than a regular king size mattress. It is just 2 inches short of a California king and helps save a little extra leg space in the room.They do not have a box-spring and usually have shorter life spans compared to other mattresses.

  • Super King Size Mattress

A super king mattress has a dimension of 72 inc * 78 inc and is ideally suited for two persons of average height and build. As wider as a California king size mattress it provides optimum back space and saves consumes lesser floor area.

  • What’s The Best For You?

The Best king size mattress would be the one that allows you to sleep uninterrupted through the night without any strain or uneasiness. The first point to consider here is the firmness and the material that is used in the mattress. Detailed studies have shown that during long hours of sleep, the weight of our body presses down against the blood vessels of our skin and slows down the flow of blood.

This effect is more pronounced on certain pressure points bearing the maximum weight; for instance, our shoulders. The brain eventually sends a signal for the body to turn over and relieve the pressure. The more it happens, the lower the sleep quality. Needless to say, the softness of your mattress plays an important role in facilitating a sound sleep.

  • Different Options

You must choose a king size mattress that is neither too hard ( so as to not increase the pressure further) or too soft ( so as to not cause sinking, irregular posture and subsequent body pain). A memory foam king size mattress (the one that can mold and contour itself to the shape of a person’s body) is an interesting option to consider. It redistributes the weight of the body evenly across various pressure points and leads to fewer interruptions.

Apart form memory foam mattresses, other options are latex, air, water, futon and innerspring mattresses. While innerspring is the oldest and most commonly used, air beds are newer in terms of technology and the air needs to be refilled from time to time. Innerspring mattress consists of a spring zone and comfort layer to provide proper spinal support to the user.

A latex foam king size mattress has a latex foam core to support the body. A combination of foams and fibers cushion the body on the sleeping surface of the mattress. Latex foam is breathable and promotes proper spinal alignment of the body. Two types of latex foams are synthetic and natural.

A traditional Futon mattresses, finds its origin in Japan ,and is a thin mat filled with textile batting laid directly on the floor. The American variants are thicker and contain, cotton,foam,springs etc. It can be placed on a mattress foundation directly on the floor. However, a Futon yields maximum satisfaction when it is used occasionally as opposed to other forms of mattresses. Another important consideration is the thickness of your king size mattress.

The heavier it is, the thicker the mattress should be. If the mattress is not thick enough to carry your weight, it might give you the feeling of sleeping on a hard concrete/wooden surface ( of the bed) and can lead to a very uncomfortable sleeping experience. Though the optimum thickness may vary with weight, a simpler rule is to get a mattress that is at least 10 inches thick if one weighs more than 200 lbs. If anyone weighs less than 200, any thickness between 6-10 inches is considered good.

Final Thoughts

Furthermore, ratings and the warranty also play a major role in helping one decide the best king size mattress for yourself. User ratings may vary from all praises to abysmal reviews. It is safe to go by the average user rating of the mattress and make a decision based on it. Also, mattresses, no matter how expensive and promising as they may appear at first, undergo a certain amount of deformation after a period of time. It is because of this factor that it is suggested that you look for a bed that offers a warranty for at least a year.

To conclude, the size, the thickness and the material of your mattress could make a difference between hours of sound sleep and hours of sleep filled with interruptions. It becomes imperative for you to select the right kind of king size mattress for yourself. The time spent in picking the right mattress will directly affect the time spent laying half awake and half asleep on a mattress that is a bad fit for your sleeping style and body type.

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