What Exacty Is A Folding Foam Mattress?

comfortable mattress with ability to fold up without damaging the foam materialFolding foam mattresses are becoming a popular household item in many homes today. A folding foam mattress is a specially manufactured mattress that is able to fold up. These mattresses are usually made up of three pieces and are designed to fold in two places making them easy to store and easily portable. These mattresses have come in handy for camping and traveling, for use by guests or for use as an extra seat in the living room. In this article we shall look at the concept of folding mattresses and examine its benefits and also assess the uses.

What Is It?

The mattresses are most commonly made of foam. This may either be memory foam or latex foam. Folding foam mattresses made of memory foam are popular as the foam conforms to the shape of the body hence providing added comfort. Latex foam folding mattresses on the other hand are mostly for use by children.

The sizes of the mattresses also varies depending on the market demands. Currently, the sizes of folding mattresses available include standard, twin, twin XL, full, full XL, and queen size.

Another aspect to this specialty mattress is the difference in thickness some may provide. The more the foam, the thicker the mattresses. The most common sizes available in the market are 4-inch, 6-inch and 8-inch mattresses.

Like the traditional mattresses, these mattresses are also made with an outer cover to protect the foam against any damage. There are a variety of covers to choose from for the mattresses. Some folding mattresses have sewn on covers which cannot be removed while others have removable covers. For camping enthusiasts, there is also an option of water proof folding mattress covers.
Different companies have however come up with customized versions of the product, but however, the concept of the product remains the same.

Benefits of folding mattresses:


• Easy to store

The mattresses are quite easy to store and will take up very little space in the closet or any storage area of your house. They also provide convenience as they will be stored and only retrieved when required for use, unlike having a permanent bed in a room for your guests.

• Utilization of space

Due to its versatility, the folding foam mattresses is ideal for homes with little space available or for young single persons just starting out life.

• Provides comfort

A good sleep or rest will be affected by the comfort of the mattress. Compared to other portable options, the folding mattresses offer more comfort. In addition, the product is now a prerequisite item for any camping adventure as compared to the sleeping bags.

• Convenient for travel

Due to its portability, the folding mattress is ideal for a frequent traveler, ensuring that you sleep in comfort during your travels. It also offers a great alternative to sleeping bags when you are out on a camping trip.

• Available at affordable prices

Are you worried about the prices of the folding mattresses? Worry not. The product is widely available and is very affordable as compared to the traditional mattresses with the prices ranging from 90$ to 150$ per unit.

• Provides versatility

When you purchase this type of mattresses, you not only acquire a mattress for sleeping on, but also acquire a multi-functional product which can be used for various purposes. Folding mattresses can be carried to anywhere you wish and can be used for different purposes as you may wish to. It can be converted into a seat and placed in the living room or lounge or can be used as a footrest.

• Use as a guest bed

This item comes in very handy when you need to host a guest, especially if you don’t have a guest room. This product enables you to treat your guest the courtesy of a comfortable bed even though you don’t have an extra bed in your house. For convenience, you only retrieve and set up the mattress when you have a guest and when the guest departs, the mattress is either folded and stored or put to other use.

• Provides easy portability

If there is an area where the folding mattresses score highly, it is on portability of the product. The mattresses are designed to be easy to carry around from place to place or when traveling or going for a camping adventure. Some of the mattresses come with in-built handles or traveling bags for easy carrying of the item. In addition, the mattresses are designed to be light weight hence easy to carry. The products range in weight from 17 to 25 pounds.

Where to use the folding mattresses:

• Camping

Traditionally, every family goes for a camping adventure at least once per year. The product is thus one of the critical items to carry for camping and during travels. Its portable nature makes it a very convenient and essential item for camping adventures. Unlike a sleeping bag, it will guarantee a comfortable sleep for you while camping. This product has enabled those with camping phobias to overcome the fear associated with camping due to the discomfort associated with using sleeping bags during camping trips.

• For use in the lounge

As you take your well-deserved rest in the lounge, you can use the mattress as a footrest or just lay it down have a relaxed moment while lying on the mattress. The folding mattress when put in the lounge may just turn up to be another play item for the children to toss themselves and roll on it.

• For sleep overs

In an era of frequent sleepovers by our children, this item becomes one of the essentials to pack for your child to go with for the sleepover. Having to sleep in a familiar mattress while in a sleepover, helps the kid get a comfortable night even while at the friend’s house.

The folding foam mattresses are undoubtedly an essential item for every household due to its multi functional nature and the convenience it brings. It is widely available and at affordable prices hence the need for you to get yourself one today.