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Morning back pain after waking up is a condition that occurs quite typical than everyone would be happy to expect. Of all the complaints made about musculoskeletal discomfort, back pain is the most common. It is predicted that about 31 million Americans feel this kind of discomfort today. Up to 60% of them suffer from sleeping problems related to back pain of any kinds (upper, middle, lower)—which should be easy to correct by using the best mattress for back pain.

In general, if there are no precedents leading to the condition, back pain manifests from use of mattresses and pillows that are so poor in quality that they cause discomfort during sleep. Discomfort leads to the joints aching and for this, sleeping disorders may stem.

It is easy to overlook this point; most people only care about mattresses and pillows that are affordable, so much so that they would dismiss mattresses that are reasonably priced higher than their personal standard as a waste of money. Quality mattresses and sleeping tools are almost synonymous with expensiveness. However, in this case, spending a little bit more of your money could mean a lifesaver. Invest in quality mattresses and your back problem should fade away immediately.

If you want a reference, here is a list of top ten mattresses to choose from when you want to deal with back pain problems:

Best Mattress for Back Pain 2017

NoModelProduct SizeTypeManufacturer 
1Zinus Memory Foam Green Tea MattressNarrow Twin, XL, Full, Short QueenGreen Tea Memory Foam Zinus, Inc
2Linen Spa Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress

Twin XL, California King, Full, Queenmattress combines memory foam with the traditional supportMalouf Fine
3Zinus Sleep Master Ultima Memory Foam Mattress
Full, Narrow Twin, Queen, Twinmemory foam support for a better night's sleepZinus, Inc
4Signature Sleep Memory Foam Mattress

Twin, Full, Queen, KingSignature Sleep Memory Foam MattressSignature Sleep
5Zinus Gel-Infused Green TeaTwin, Full, Short Queen, Queen, KingGel-infused Green TeaZinus, Inc
6Signature Independently Encased Coil Mattress
Available in Multiple SizesIndependently Encased Coil MattressSignature Sleep
7Tuft & Needle Mattress
California King, Twin XL, Full, QueenQueen Mattress with T&N Adaptive FoamTuft & Needle
8Zinus Memory Foam Premium  Cloud-like Mattress
Twin, Full, Queen, KingUltra Plush / Cloud-like MattressZinus, Inc
9Zinus Sleep Comfort Memory Foam Mattress
Twin XL, Full, Short Queen, King, California Ultima Comfort Memory FoamZinus, Inc
10Home Life Comfort Sleep Mattress GreenFoam Certified
standard 8-10 inchIndependently superbly pocketedSuperior Importers Company

Other considerations when buying a mattress is rated and customer review to assure that the product is good and as needed.

  • Product Rated Of Mattress for back pain
  • Customer Reviews

And here is a complete review for each mattress:

1. Zinus Memory Foam Green Tea Mattress


For anyone not used to the concept, using a mattress infused with green tea extract is such a cringe-worthy notion. Think about it: a mattress infused with green tea extract. Weird?Maybe. But that’s what you will get from this mattress from Zinus. Primarily, the green tea extract is combined with natural castor seed oil and the two make a good pair of bacteria-killer and odor-retardant. As a bonus, the two might provide some sort of aromatherapy in the process.

The queen-sized mattress is 12-inch thick: a layer of 3-inch thick memory foam, a layer of 2-inch thick comfort foam, a layer of 3.5-inch thick airflow high-density foam, and another layer of 3.5-inch thick airflow high-density base support foam. All of these are stacked one atop another to provide comprehensive and firm support for your body and at the same time allow it to lie comfortably. All of the foams used in the construction of the mattress are of CertiPUR certification, indicating that the product is indeed durable, high-performing, and gains better consumer’s satisfaction.

Another thing that is the highlight of the product is its delivery system. Instead of sending the mattress your address unfolded, which would take up more space both during the delivery and upon arrival, the company sends out the ordered product in a form that is way more efficient. They use their own special delivery technology that allows the mattress to compress, roll, and be loaded into a box without bearing risks of reducing its quality.

  • Multilayered mattress for optimum support
  • Certified foams used in construction
  • Anti-bacteria and anti-foul smelling odor, thanks to the addition of castor seed oil and green tea extract
  • Customer-friendly shipping method
  • Some products (other than the Queen-sized) don’t decompress properly out of the shipping box
  • The mattress might be too soft for some 

2. Linen Spa Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress

Linen Spa Memory-Foam-mattress-Hybrid

The LinenSpa is a product that is constructed by stacking 4 different layers, one on top of the other.

  1. The topmost surface uses a layer of quilted memory foam. This layer primarily functions to provide a way for the mattress to distribute weight so body aches can be relieved significantly.
  2. Below the topmost layer is another layer of foam comfort. This section primarily acts to provide soft support for the body.
  3. A pad of felt is added right underneath the above layer. It functions more as insulation for the layer right below it.
  4. The bottommost layer is composed of tempered steel coils. This layer acts to give the whole mattress a medium-firm feel so as not to allow the body to sink into the mattress yet is bouncy enough for comfortable movement.

All these layers add up to a twin-sized mattress that is 8-inch thick. And the mattress is protected by a 10-year warranty that covers the mattress against manufacturer defects. All the layers constructing the mattress are tested separately to ensure quality and customer’s satisfaction. They are all CertiPUR-certified; the mattress is environmentally friendly.

  • A foam comfort layer that acts to give you pressure-relieving effects
  • Convenient shipping method
  • Medium-firm feel: not too soft that your body sinks into it, not too firm that it lies uncomfortably
  • Certified foams
  • Long-period warranty
  • Some may feel the 8-inch thickness just isn’t comfortable enough
  • Some may also feel that the mattress isn’t that cool
  • The later of memory foam is too thin to provide softness 

3. Zinus Sleep Master Ultima Memory Foam Mattress


Zinus packs your mattress into a box and ship your order to your address with its patented delivery system. The mattress is packed efficiently and in a way that is space-efficient. The company compresses the mattress to a size that is easy to manage, rolls it into the box, and ships it right to your door conveniently. However, there is a catch to this: upon receiving the mattress, it needs to be taken out of the box during the 72 hours after and should be allowed to expand for another 48 hours. Failure in meeting this condition would greatly decrease the mattress’ quality.

Other than that, the great thing about this mattress is the material used in its construction. The foam used within the mattress should be categorized as memory foam but instead of the typical petroleum used in producing the foam, the company resorts to plant-based oil and names it BioFoam. Obviously, this is done to promote your personal health and avoid impacting the environment.

The foam conforms to your body contour so it does not cause pressure points to develop. And although it is derived from plant-based oil, the BioFoam still manages to earn CertiPUR certification, signifying customer’s rate of content, performance, and durability. The mattress is 6-inch thick in total. A 4.5-inch thick high density base provides support and a 1.5-inch thick memory foam makes up the top layer.

  • New type of memory foam made of plant oil; healthier and better for environment
  • Memory foam layer conforms to body contour, reducing pressure points
  • CertiPUR-certified
  • A firm base for support
  • The memory foam layer is too thin
  • The base layer is not dense enough 

4. Signature Sleep Memory Foam Mattress


The total thickness of this mattress adds up to 12 inch. That thickness is broken down to a 3.5-inch thick of memory foam layer and an 8.5-inch thick high density foam. The memory foam layer is soft enough that it conforms to your body shape while the base layer should be firm enough to provide support.

The highlight of this mattress, however, is its use of chemical-free materials that can potentially harm your health. It does not use flame retardants such as TCEP, TDCPP, and PBDEs, lead, formaldehyde, and mercury in its construction. The mattress is compressed and vacuum-sealed inside a special box. Upon taking the mattress out, it should be ready for use within 48 hours. The mattress comes with a cover that is easy to clean, constructed from knit fabric that is breathable.

  • Practically a healthier option
  • Comes with easy-to-clean cover
  • Convenient shipping
  • Comfortable memory foam and firm high density base 
  • Some products don’t inflate to their original size even after 48 hours after receipt
  • Not durable enough 

5. Zinus Gel-Infused Green Tea


What is the number one thing that plays a truly important role in a good night’s sleep? Most people would come up with comfort as an answer and they would be totally right about that. Zinus brings forth for you this product that encompasses everything you are looking for in a mattress.

Foul odors are typical problem to occur in most mattresses. And as something that is used so closed to your body on regular basis, a mattress is prone to bacteria infestation. These two problems should be practically absent with the use of this mattress. Why? Zinus kindly adds infusion of green tea extract and castor seed oil. This is definitely a better way of tackling personal issues without harming the environment in the process.

With a 12-inch thickness, you would be sure to get an optimum rest during the night. The mattress’ height is distributed to its different layers, consisting of: one layer of 2-inch thick gel-infused memory foam, one layer of 3-inch thick comfort foam, one layer 0f 3.5-inch thick airflow high density foam, and another layer of 3.5-inch thick airflow high density base support foam.

The mattress is of course CertiPUR-certified which is a way to say that it meets the consumer’s standard in every front. Delivered through a patented technology, you should give the mattress a chance to expand for at least 48 hours before using it. At times, it even takes a full week to fully decompress properly.

  • Comes with gel-infused memory foam
  • Also infused with green tea extract and castor seed oil
  • Memory foam conforms to body’s contour and the base is firm enough for support 
  • Long period of expansion
  • Problem expanding
  • Additional box spring (not included) may be necessary 

6. Signature Independently Encased Coil Mattress, Available in Multiple Sizes


There is so much to be desired from this mattress and the header above should be enough to summarize it all. The mattress’ height counts at 8 inch, which should be comfortable enough for anyone to lie on top of. The term “sleep contour” refers to the mattress’ ability to mold your body naturally, relieving pressure points in the process. The top surface uses memory foam the size of 1.6 inch thick. The same goes for the bottom part. A layer of encased coils makes up the rest, giving you a support and comfort all at the same time. And the mattress is constructed without harmful chemicals other products typically use. It does not use flame retardants, mercury, and formaldehyde. The few chemical compounds it does use are of low impact so it minimizes the risks that could possibly occur. The package includes a mattress cover that is made of breathable knit fabric that is flexible enough that it can be used on pretty much all kinds of surfaces. And the most fun thing about this product is that the manufacturer creates it in multiple sizes; you can choose one that fits your preference very well.

  • Offered in multiple sizes to suit everyone’s preferences
  • Made using low VOC and without harmful flame retardants
  • Comfortable top and bottom parts made of memory foam
  • Firm encased coils layer for support
  • Includes flexible mattress cover 
  • Not too durable
  • Does not truly accommodate those who sleep on the side 

7. Tuft & Needle Mattress, Queen Mattress with T&N Adaptive Foam 10-Year True Warranty, Made in USA

Tuft & Needle-Mattress

Okay, so the above header is certainly too much but it contains the necessary information about this mattress. The emphasis is being put on the coolness of the mattress. Why? Well, everybody complains about feel the heat even after using a mattress of memory foam. As a response, Tuft & Needle resorts to what they call adaptive foam. And as you can see on the header above, this type of foam is definitely more supportive than the good old memory foam. Exactly what is adaptive foam? Claimed to be even more advanced than latex and memory foam, adaptive foam excels in that it does not allow your body to go deep into the mattress and end up stuck within it. It also does not trap hot air, making your sleep even more uncomfortable in the process. Adaptive foam is also said to be right in the comfort zone between soft and hard, making sure that a user get a comfortable night’s rest.

The inclusion of adaptive foam is also the thing that makes this mattress feel bouncy and supportive at the same time. The surface is said to mold perfectly with your body’s natural shape. It also localizes bounce so your sleeping partner wouldn’t be disturbed by your movement.

The mattress is also listed as a must-buy in 2016 and the best brand in 2015. On Amazon, 90% of the reviews given for the product are 5-star. The product is made in USA so anyone worrying about cheaply made quality typical of mattresses produced overseas can rest assured about this product’s satisfactory rate.

  • Adaptive foam provides support and comfort all at the same time and does not cause a user to feel hot after using the mattress
  • USA-made, ensured quality
  • Localized bounce system keeps your sleeping partner calm 
  • Not really durable
  • The adaptive foam’s cooling property is subjective; it only works on certain individuals 

8. Zinus Memory Foam Premium  Cloud-like Mattress

Zinus Memory Foam Cloud-like Mattress

Zinus seems to be everyone’s favorite when it comes to mattress products that alleviate back pain. This time, it puts out a mattress that is so soft it borders on feeling cloud-like. At first impression, this may sound like a recipe for disaster: a mattress that feels like clouds would not be able to support your body properly as it should sink into the mattress without something to hold your body in place.

The mattress in question is 12-inch thick, which adds to the confusion as to whether it could support your body properly or not. But rest assured it can. The 12-inch thickness is distributed between layers that make up the mattress: one layer of 1-inch thick microfiber that is quilted into a cover made of soft-knitted jacquard, one layer of 1-inch thick Viscolatex responsive foam, one layer of 2-inch thick memory foam, one layer of 3-inch thick comfort foam, and one layer of 5-inch thick high density base foam.The memory foam layer is infused with a mix of natural plant-based oil, charcoal, and green tea extract in order to fight off odors.

The cloud-like property this mattress sports seems to be derived from the inclusion of the Viscolatex-based layer. So, there you have the answer to your question: despite feeling like a cloud, this mattress should be firm enough to provide your body so it does not sink into it so easily.

As a side note: all of these layers are tested individually to ensure a CertiPUR certification for the final product.

  • Cloud-like softness for optimum comfort
  • Use of natural ingredients to fight off foul odors 
  • Problem with durability
  • Odors aren’t fully eliminated 

9. Zinus Sleep Comfort Memory Foam Mattress


This 8-inch thick mattress should be enough to meet what you are after in a mattress. There are three layers that make up one mattress that is truly capable of giving you comfort during sleep. There is a layer of 2-inch thick memory foam, another layer of 2-inch thick pressure relieving comfort foam, and a layer of 4-inch thick high density base support foam.

The memory foam layer makes use of something called BioFoam, an otherwise typical memory foam layer except for its use of natural plant-based oil in place of petroleum that may damage your health. This memory foam layer provides a means to reduce the development of new pressure points across your body.

The comfort foam below it acts as a bumper; providing your body with pressure-relieving effects.

The base support foam supports the whole mattress from below, giving you firmness so as to prevent your body from sinking all the way into the mattress.

  • Convenient shipping method
  • Three layers to provide support for your body
  • CertiPUR-certified foam
  • BioFoam replaces petroleum in producing of the foam 
  • Too firm for some
  • For some others, it’s too soft
  • Feels hot 

10. Home Life Comfort Sleep Mattress GreenFoam Certified


Home Life’s foam mattress is designed to give you the best sleep at night by reducing the pressure points across your vertebrae. This mattress consists of two layers: the top layer is made of GreenFoam that is claimed to be 100% all-natural to reduce health risks and environmental impacts. The base layer uses pocketed coils as a form of support and to accommodate comfortable movements. Though made of coils, this base layer does not squeak so more comforts for you to enjoy.

  • Base layer composed of coils, providing you with even distribution of weight to ease pressure points in your neck, shoulder, back, and hips. 
  • At times, the springs that make up the base foam can be felt all the way up through the surface layers 
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